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EasyGo Smart Lighting is composed of Lights, Smart User Remote, Smart Scheduler and Smart Sensor. All lighting controls (on/off, 0-100% dimming, schedules, sensors, lock/unlock) are specified on each individual space through a Lighting Group in the solution.

With EasyGo Smart Lighting, Implementing a lighting project is just as easy as building blocks. The only difference here is building lighting groups.



Different lighting requirements of each individual space in a building are implemented by 4 kinds of lighting groups:

LED High Bay (Flicker-Free)

High bay LED lights are designed to replace metal halide lamps that are mostly used in warehouses, gymnasiums, gas stations, general manufacturing and tasks areas, toll plazas, and convention centers. In comparison, RS Energy’s LED high bay downlight lasts four times as long with up to 60 percentage energy savings.

LED Panel Lights (Flicker-Free)

To work or study under traditional fluorescent tubes or CFL for one day, according to various medical studies, a person absorbs as much ultraviolet light as being directly exposed to sunshine for an hour. This would likely lead to adverse changes in one’s immune systems, white blood cells and chemical bonds, and potentially DNA that would cause cancer.

LED Down Lights

RS Energy’s LED recessed retrofit downlights are powered by its proprietary LED emitters, and provide better light quality and superior energy saving capabilities when compared to the popular 65-watt incandescent fixtures. With up to 90 CRI and 2600 lumens Keri’s LED downlights can be used in a variety of applications, including restaurants, convention centers, exhibition halls; museums and design studios.